Price: $4.50
Core Charge: $0.00
Available: 2
Snap Ring, MDLA/MDMA/MP7A/M4TA SP7A/S4XA Holds 2nd Clu Spring Retainer In (.097" Thk ID To OD)(1.810" OD)(Also MDMA MP7A/M4RA/SP7A/S4XA 3rd Clu)(Also Fits BAYA/BGFA/BGHA/ BVGA-5/BVGA-6/BVGA-7/BYBA/B7WA/MFYA/MGFA/MGHA/MGSA/M7WA 3rd Clu (Also Fits RO/MPRA 4th Clu)


Price: $8.17
Core Charge: $0.00
Available: 0
Snap Ring, AK/AS/F4/G4/CA/P1/L4/L5/PL5X Holds Low, 3rd and 4th Clu Retainer In


Price: $0.17
Core Charge: $0.00
Available: 0
Snap Ring, A24A/MDLA/MDMA/M24A M4TA/SLXA/S24A Holds 1st/3rd/4th Clu Retainer In(1.780" OD)(.145" Thk ID To OD) (Also Fits RO/MPRA 1st/3rd Clu, and MPRA 2nd Clu)(Also Fits MP7A/SP7A/S4XA 1st/4th Clu)(Also Fits MPYA/M5DA 1st/3rd/4th)


Price: $5.38
Core Charge: $0.00
Available: 0
Snap Ring, A4RA/B4RA/MDMA/M4RA Holds 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Retainer In(1.810" OD)(.120" Thk ID To OD)(Use 60862C) (Also Fits A24A/M24A/S24A 2nd Clu, BMXA 1st/3rd/4th Clu, SLXA 2nd/3rd Clu)

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