Price: $0.05
Core Charge: $0.00
Available: 0
Fitting, AOYA/APXA/BOYA/MP1A/MPJA/MPXA/PX4B (Cooler Line Fitting)(1 1/2" Long)(Holds Cooler Line To Bell)(Also Fits All 20000, 60000, and 90000 Series Transmission)(Also Fits MPZA/RO/MPRA)


Price: $0.16
Core Charge: $0.00
Available: 0
Fitting, AOYA/APXA/BOYA/MP1A MPJA/MPXA/PX4B (Cooler Line Fitting)(4 5/8" Long)(Fits All 90000 Series)(Also Fits MPZA/RO/MPRA)

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